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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Run Off

Well it's that time of year again in the Rockies. The weather has warmed up and we have enjoyed an early heat wave. With the mecury hovering in the mid-eighties the snow has been melting faster than normal and the rivers are spreading out into the lower lying areas. The other side of that is come mid July there will no water left and we will be into water and fire restrictions again stay tuned for updates.

Fishing in these conditions can be an impossible and dangerous undertaking. The good advice is to take out your canoe or float tube and stalk the lakes and ponds. If a river setting is what your after make a trip to the closest tailwater. If you must fish and don't have access to still water or a tailwater. Then avoid wadding at all cost,under these high water conditions, even a small slip can send you down stream before you can react. Look along the banks for the slower clearer water. look for any slack water along the banks and behind rocks. Fish are lazy ecspecially trout and they don't want to fight the strongest current, so they'll tend to gather in these areas. Use flies that will get their attention, the water in full of debris, you have to make your fly noticible among all the other debris in the fishes view. If you find one fish cover the area well chances are there are more in there. Most importantly be ready and able to adapt to whatever the water gives you to work with. Lower water and major hatches are just around the corner, take some time to check your flie boxes. You always think you have enough of a certain fly, until you don't have any left.

Check out the Blog Tomorrow for more spring fishing tips.

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